Century Forms Team to Handle Antaboga Claims

VIVAnews – Bank Century management is forming a special team called Antaboga Investors Assistance Group. The forming of the team aims to accommodate Antaboga investors who also happen to be Bank Century customers.

According to Century’s President Director, Maryono, with regard to the numerous amount of claims that are being brought forward by investors having mutual funds like promisory note or discretionary fund, the bank stated that such products are not bank products and Century is not the issuer of such investment products.

Bapepam-LK (The Capital Market and Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency) has also stated that Century customers investment is a criminal case and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Indonesian Police has named several individuals as suspects of people's fund embezzlement regarding the case,” said Maryono in his office, Jakarta, Tuesday, Dec. 9.

Bank Century also fully support efforts by the government, Bank Indonesia, Bapepam-LK and other law enforcers who are applying legal process on those who have caused losses to Bank Century, the investors, and the public in general. “Which is why everything connected to this case must wait for the ongoing process,” he said.

Translated by: Ramona Sofianne Dewi