Unemployment Rate in August 8.39%

VIVAnews - The open unemployment rate in Indonesia in August 2008 was 8.39 percent compared to February 2008, which was 8.46 percent.

According to Deputy of Distribution and Services Statistics Ali Rosadi, the number of unemployment decreased by 33 thousand compared to February 2008 and dropped by 616 thousand people compared to August 2007 reaching 9.11 percent.

The number of working people in all main sectors in August 2008 were higher than August 2007.

Compared to August 2007, the largest employment opportunities were related to social services sector which increased by 1.08 million, followed by trade sector which increased by 677 thousand, and transportation 220 thousand.

Compared to February 2008, the employment opportunities in agriculture sector decreased by 1.36 million. "However, the employment opportunities in agriculture sector remains the highest with 41.33 million or around 40.3 percent," said Rosadi on Monday, Jan 5.

The number of labor force in Indonesia during the same period in 2008 reached 111.95 million, or an increase by 470 thousand people compared to February with 111.48 million.

Translated by: Bonardo Maulana Wahono