Foreigner Amazed by Indonesian ATM Machine, Can Do Lot of Things

ATM di Indonesia
ATM di Indonesia
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VIVA – Currently, there is a video that is viral on social media, TikTok, an American citizen posted content with the theme “The Amazing Power of an Indonesian Bank Account & ATM '' on June 3, 2022. In the video, she shows her admiration for Indonesian ATMs.The woman's name is Joy Elisabeth with a Tiktok account @Joyfilledwander.

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The video post has been watched by tens of thousands of people.

In the short video, Joy is very happy with what can be done at the ATM other than withdrawing cash. In the video he uploaded to his TikTok account, Joy appears to be heading to a BRI ATM.

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"There are so many things you can do at an ATM other than just withdraw cash," she said.

Bule takjub dengan ATM di Indonesia

Bule takjub dengan ATM di Indonesia

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She further explained that at ATM Indonesia, someone can pay insurance payments or loan payments and also top up the mobile banking apps.

She also likes the feature of paying for airline tickets at an ATM.

In addition, Joy also admires the convenience of interbank transfer transactions that can be done via ATM. Although the transfer is from a different bank.

"I absolutely love ATMs and mobile banking in this country," Joy said.

Many Indonesian netizens who watched the video also gave very various comments.

"I thought ATM machines in America were the same as Indo, it turns out that Indonesia is much more sophisticated," wrote @cattleyaisk.

There are also those who say that ATMs in America are old machines.

“Maybe there is an old machine” @dalang

Seeing this comment, Joy Elisabeth immediately replied "No, banks in America don't have a network like in Indonesia." wrote Joy.

Another netizen comment, @wahyuwesley, revealed the complexity of transacting in Uncle Sam's country.

"In America, transfers between banks must be via email first, I can't imagine how complicated it is," he said.

There is also @hendriokferianto "Wow, there are BRI ATMs. BRI ATMs are everywhere, Sis, there are also small villages, easy to find," he explained.

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