5 Decorative Plants are Believed to Ward the Djinn

Ilustrasi tanaman hias.
Ilustrasi tanaman hias.
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VIVA – Many people love a decorative plant to beautify their home. It turns out that there are decorative plants believed to be ward of the Jinn. Well, here are 5 types of plants that are believed to be able to fight jinn as well as be beautiful for people to make ornamental planting collections.

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1. Sugarcane Ireng

Judging from its shape, the ireng cane tree has an aesthetic shape for you to put in your yard. In addition, this tree, also known as the wulung sugar cane tree, is not an ordinary sugar cane tree that you can find in rural fields.

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Some Indonesians believe that by planting this beautiful sugar cane tree at home, it can protect the house from disturbances by invisible creatures. As for those who call the cane ireng tree which has black leaves, this is extraordinary.

Besides being able to ward off supernatural things, this tree can also show an aesthetic and natural impression in your home.

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2. Yellow Bamboo Plant

No wonder, its striking color and green leaves make the yellow bamboo tree more popular recently as an ornamental plant. Apart from that, behind its beauty, this tree is also believed by some people as a tree that can ward off jinn disturbances.

This beautiful tree is also believed to be able to prevent the evil intentions of strangers, such as robbers who want to steal houses. Another benefit, of course, is that you can beautify the front of your house by planting this yellow bamboo tree.

3. Moringa tree

This tree, whose leaves are often used as vegetables by some Betawi people in Jakarta, is believed to be a tree that can protect the house from the disturbance of jinn or supernatural beings.

Unfortunately, some people don't like the smell of the Moringa tree, which is actually very rich in these benefits. It was known that Moringa leaves are believed to be able to weaken and destroy black magic that is addressed to the house.

4. Lotus tree

Bidara tree or in Arabic known as 'sidr', this tree is a kind of small tree that is always green and can grow in dry plains. For followers of Islam, this tree is believed to be a tree that grows in heaven.

No wonder then that many people use this tree to overcome jinn disorders, such as trance, or witchcraft.

5. Roses

This flower that has a beautiful shape and character apparently does not only have a function as just any decoration. More than that, you can use this ornamental plant to ward off jinn interference.

Some people believe that this plant is known as a plant that has special properties and benefits related to the disturbance of invisible creatures in your home, and can ward off negative energy.

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