Netflix Makes Squid Game into Reality Show, Anyone Can Join

Squid Game.
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VIVA – After successfully with the first season, Squid Game will have a second season. Uniquely, this time, Squid Game will be made into a competition show in the real world by Netflix for anyone. Through this competition, people can feel firsthand the tension of various games in the series.

On Tuesday, June 14, Netflix announced that Squid Game will be a new reality show based on the phenomenal series Squid Game.

Squid Game.

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In the series, various mysterious and thrilling games are played to survive and get rewards of up to 45.6 billion won or US$40 million.

Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo play roles as two little friends who join the game to earn money and solve their problems. However, they do not know the game that follows is about life and death.

The reality show planned by Netflix is??titled Squid Game: The Challenge. Netflix will host the biggest reality show with the biggest prizes ever.

Like in the movie, the event will invite 456 participants to win the grand prize of 4.56 billion won, just like in the movie.

Squid Game.

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The contestants will follow a series of games in the Squid Game series in 10 episodes. Anyone can take part in this contest as long as they can speak English well.

However, unlike in the movie, everyone who fails the game will be sent home empty handed without any fatal consequences.

"The interesting story and symbolic image of director Hwang Dong Hyuk's 'Squid Game' captivated the entire world. We will turn this fictional world into a reality," said Netflix Senior Vice President, Brandon Riegg, in a statement on Soompi on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

"The biggest competition ever will be filled with suspense and twists and 45 real competitors will start their journey. We hope that fans of this drama will join in on an exciting and unexpected journey," he continued.

The Squid Game series recently confirmed that it will present a second season with various games that are more interesting and nerve-wracking. 

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