The Reasons Why Population in China Decrease Extremely

Penduduk China.
Penduduk China.
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VIVA – China's National Health Commission explained several reasons for decreasing extremely in population during recent years. There are because the COVID-19, people are delaying marriage and having children, and others.

According to the Commission on August 22, 2022 many women in China continue to delay their plans to marry and have children due to the high costs of education and childcare.

China's National Health Commission also added that the rapid economic and social development has led to big changes in the population figures in China.

Young people are moving to urban areas and more time is being spent pursuing their education and careers. Demographers also say China's Zero Covid policy has caused damage to Beijing's desire to have children.

Model miniatur Kota Chengdu, China malam hari jadi penarik turis

Model miniatur Kota Chengdu, China malam hari jadi penarik turis

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Quoting Al Jazeera, China's National Health Commission said the coronavirus was also having a clear impact on the marriage and birth arrangements of some people.

This year, it will occur the lowest drop in births in China, known to fall below 10 million compared to 10.6 million babies last year and lower than in 2020.

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