5 Myths Animals Entering House According to Javanese Primbon

Kupu-kupu khas Indonesia
Kupu-kupu khas Indonesia
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VIVA – In Indonesia, there are many myths about various things related to everyday life that are still believed by people. The Javanese primbon explains the signs of the types of animals that enter the house. 

Each animal has a different meaning when it enters the house. It can be a good sign or bad sign. Perhaps, animals entering this house can be a reminder for homeowners.

Well, here are some animals that can be a sign when entering the house.

1. Bat

Ilustrasi kelelawar

Ilustrasi kelelawar

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When a large bat or local people known as Kalong suddenly enters the house, Javanese Primbon said, it can be a bad sign, namely, a sign of disaster or people of the house will get sick. Meanwhile, if suddenly a small bat enters, it is believed to be a good sign.

2. Butterfly

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