Six Types of Popular Indonesian Batik, Many People Like It

Ilustrasi batik.
Ilustrasi batik.
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VIVA – Batik is one of the original cultural heritages of Indonesia. Batik is the art of decorating cloth with wax coverings to form certain decorative patterns and form a coloring area.

The uniqueness of batik motifs is an attraction for anyone who sees it. Not only local people who like batik art, but also foreign people.

Batik comes from the Jaa language 'ambhatik', which consists of the word 'amba' which means broad, wide, cloth, and the word 'bhatik' which means dot or matic. The two words developed into the term batik which means pictorial cloth. Specially made by writing or explaining the night on the cloth.

Every October 2 is the commemoration of National Batik Day. This cultural heritage has been recognized by UNESCO. It turns out that Batik has various types and usually each type of batik is distinguished based on the origin of making the batik.

Here are some types of Indonesian batik that are popular and much liked by people.

1. Kawung Batik

Batik Kawung

Batik Kawung

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