Five Extreme Traditions of Inland Tribes in Papua New Guinea

Papua Nugini, negara tetangga Indonesia.
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VIVA – Inland tribes in Papua New Guinea don't care about modern life. In fact, these inland tribes still carry out rituals and traditions that are scary to the extreme.

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Papua New Guinea is a country located in the eastern part of the island of Papua and directly adjacent to the province of Papua in western Indonesia. Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse countries, with more than 850 indigenous local languages.

Many said, there are still about 850 inland tribes living in this one country. Each inland tribe has its sinister customs and traditions such as cannibalism to having sex at an early age.

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1. Allowed to Have Sex from Six Years

Inland tribes living in the Trobiander Islands, Papua New Guinea have a tradition that makes no sense. The tradition is to oblige children under the age of 10 to have sex with the opposite sex.

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Girls are allowed to have sex from the age of 6 to 8 years, while boys are from the age of 8 to 12 years. Even children on this island receive training before starting to have sex, such as tips on seducing men from an early age.

2. Drinking Sperm as a Manhood Ritual

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The Sambian tribe is one of the interior tribes in Papua New Guinea. The Sambians require boys as young as 7 years old to drink sperm from adult male members.

This ritual has the purpose to grow and increase the strength of the child. In extreme cases, boys who refuse this ritual will be punished by the tribal leader, such as the death penalty.

3. Slice Body to Look Like a Crocodile

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Men in the Chambri Tribe, Papua New Guinea are required to cut their skin to look similar to crocodile scales. They do not believe crocodiles are the ancestors of the Chambri Tribe who later evolved into humans. This tradition is considered to be a form of a boy becoming a man.

4. Eating Human Flesh and Brain

Suku Fore di Papua Nugini

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The Korowai tribe in Papua New Guinea is still practicing cannibalism or eating human flesh. They believe that killing and eating a person's body is a way to take revenge on the demon who took that person's soul.

In addition, the Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea also has a tradition of a corpse party which requires them to eat the flesh and brains of deceased family members.

5. Sing-Sing Ritual

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The next unique tradition is the Sing-Sing ritual which is performed by all inland tribes in Papua New Guinea. In this ritual, hundreds of inland tribes gather in the same place while dancing and playing their traditional musical instruments. This tradition is a very rare thing and only happens at certain times.

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