Ten Weirdest Military Investigations in the World

VIVA Militer: Ilustrasi senjata biologi
VIVA Militer: Ilustrasi senjata biologi
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VIVA – The military has rules and regulations that are overseen by military courts. Sometimes, the military justice system is outside the system that applies to all of us and the military handles their problems internally.

Investigators in the military are usually tasked with investigating issues that they think could threaten the security of the country or the integrity of the military and its members. But sometimes, these investigators have to investigate the strangest things.

Here are some of the weirdest military investigations in the world that people rarely imagine, as reported by various sources.

1. The Navy Investigated Friends of Dorothy

Some issues have a long history in the US military, homosexuality is one of them. Gay in the military has been a popular term for people for years. Before that, the military had Don't Ask, Don't Tell rules that were in place in the 90s. This rule said that it was okay to be gay as long as no one knew about it.

Before the Don't Ask and Don't Tell rules, things were pretty bad with the military actively working to eliminate the idea of homosexuality in the military. Thus, the Navy decided to investigate Friends of Dorothy. Friends of Dorothy is a term that dates back to the 1940s and 1950s. It was a disguised way for someone to identify as gay.

They learned that gay men referred to themselves as Friends of Dorothy and thus began an investigation into who this mysterious Dorothy was. They believed that Dorothy was a real woman who was running a secret underground cabal of gay military men in Chicago. 

Naval Investigative Service officers hunted down Dorothy in 1981 in an attempt to get a master list of gays in the military.

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