List of Meteor Showers in December 2022

Hujan meteor.
Hujan meteor.
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VIVA – About eight of the meteor shower phenomena will occur in December 2022. A meteor shower is several meteors that fall and pass over the Earth's surface in large numbers, so it looks like rain falling.

As quoted from Instagram @Lapan_ri on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, Meteor is the appearance of the path of falling meteoroids into the Earth's atmosphere. This appearance is caused by the heat generated by ram pressure, which is the pressure on objects that pass at high speed when entering the Earth's atmosphere.

"Of the 8 meteor showers, only Ursid was not disturbed by natural light interference from the Moon. While others are disturbed by natural light interference from the Moon so that the intensity of the meteor shower becomes smaller," wrote the @lapan_ri Instagram account.

1. Phoenicid

This type will occur on December 2 where the point of appearance is from the Phoenix constellation near the star Archenar. It can be seen across Indonesia from the Southeast after sunset until December 3, 2022, at 3 AM local time.

2. Puppid-Velid

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