10 Death Signs that People Need to Know

ilustrasi kematian
ilustrasi kematian
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VIVA – Everyone in the world will experience death. As is known, death never going to be easy for anyone because it is a secret of God. Whenever and wherever, someone can be called by God. Therefore, it is important for us to always prepare ourselves before death.

Some people said that 40 days before the person dies, they seem to give a sign to the people around them without realizing it, either by the person or the people around him. Well, there are some signs of death that people need to know.

1. Sleeping more

Ilustrasi tidur.

Ilustrasi tidur.

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Several months before the end of life, a dying person may begin to sleep more than usual. As you get closer to death, your body’s metabolism falls. Without a steady natural supply of energy, fatigue, and tiredness easily win out.

2. Eating and drinking less

Energy needs decrease as you get older. Because you don’t need as much energy to carry out daily tasks, food and drinks seem less necessary. People who are near death may not even be interested in some of their favorite foods. A few days before death, your loved one may stop eating or drinking entirely.

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