Indonesia Gets First Gold Medal at 2023 ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol

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Ilustrasi Kejuaraan Menembak
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VIVA – Indonesia successfully makes history by reaching the first gold medal at the 2023 ISSF World Cup Rifle and Pistol. This achievement was created by Arista Perdana Putri Darmoyo / Muhammad Iqbal Raia Prabowo to be the best in the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team number.

Indonesia is the host of the 2023 ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol at the Lapangan Tembak Senayan, Jakarta, from January 27 to February 9. Then, Arista/Iqbal's certainty of getting gold after the final won 16-4 over Min Kyung Oh / Mose Kim (South Korea 2) on Monday, January 30, 2023.

"Thankfully, I can fight my way to victory. This is my first medal in the World Cup. I keep trying to focus and try to be calm throughout the race," Arista said after the race.

Arista and Iqbal getting first gold medal in the World Cup Shoot

Arista and Iqbal getting first gold medal in the World Cup Shoot

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This victory, Arista said, could not be separated from the results of the evaluation on the day of the race in the Women's 10m Air Pistol number. Arista at that time claimed to be less brave when pulling the trigger. On the other hand, there is a slight problem with the weapon, so it is not optimal.

"Today, I am more confident and confident so that I can overcome yesterday's problems," Arista added.

Furthermore, Muhammad Iqbal also said, "This result exceeded my limit. Previously I only targeted better than yesterday. Getting gold is not easy and this is my stepping stone to doing better for the next higher event,"

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