Sitting in Traffic for Too Long Can Cause Brain Damage, Study Reveals

Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam
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"We know that altered functional connectivity in the DMN has been associated with reduced cognitive performance and depressive symptoms. So, it's worrying to see traffic pollution disrupting these same networks," the study's first author, dr. Jodie Gawryluk explained.

"While more research is needed to fully understand the functional impact of these changes, it is possible that they could impair people's thinking or ability to work," dr. Gawryluk continued.

ilustrasi otak manusia.

ilustrasi otak manusia.

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It was noted that the changes in the brain were temporary and participants’ connectivity returned to normal after the exposure. However, dr. Carlsten believed that the effects could potentially be long-lasting if continually exposed.

He warned people to be mindful of the air they’re breathing and take steps to minimize their exposure.

“People may want to think twice the next time they’re stuck in traffic with the windows rolled down. It’s important to ensure that your car’s air filter is in good working order, and if you’re walking or biking down a busy street, consider diverting to a less busy route.” dr. Carlsten suggested.

He added: “Air pollution is now recognized as the largest environmental threat to human health and we are increasingly seeing the impacts across all major organ systems.

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