The Oldest Mummy with Gold Covered Found in Egypt

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Ilustrasi mumifikasi
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VIVA – Egyptian archaeologists uncovered the world's oldest and most complete mummy when it was discovered close to the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. The mummy found was estimated to be 4,300 years old, when it was discovered that the surprising thing was that the mummy was in a gold-plated condition. Here are the facts about it.

1. Found Near the Capital of Cairo

This preserved human body was found by Egyptian archaeologists in a newly discovered cemetery near the capital city of Cairo, precisely in a burial area dating back to the fifth and sixth dynasties of Ancient Egypt. At the bottom of a 15-meter (49-foot) pit, a team of archaeologists found the mummy, as reported by the Aljazeera site.

2. Mummy Named Hekashepes

Mumi Mesir Berlapis Emas

Mumi Mesir Berlapis Emas

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  • SN Saleem, SA Seddik, M el-Halwagy

Based on the results of research by a team of Egyptian archaeologists, the mummy is a man named Hekashepes. He died 'covered in gold' and was in a limestone sarcophagus that had been sealed in mortar.

"I put my head inside to see what was inside the sarcophagus: a beautiful mummy of a man completely covered in gold. This is probably the oldest and most complete mummy found in Egypt to date," said team director Zahi Hawass.

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