Fact about the One-Eye Statue in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Patung Mata Satu di Arab Saudi.
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VIVA – A one-eye statue in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia became a hot conversation on social media some time ago. However, there was not enough information so many associate the statue with a symbol of Dajjal or the Illuminati.

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The one-eye statue is one of a series of art created by sculpture architect, Cesar Baldaccini from France. Not only the eye, there are two other limb statues located at the Al Hamra Open Air Museum. First is this statue (The Eye), then there is 'The Thumb', and 'The Fist'.

'The Eye' statue was made in 1921. The material used in making this one-eye statue is bronze. The statue of one eye 'The Eye' has a height of  5 meters.

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This monument is part of the mission to 'beautify the city' by bringing works of art into public spaces. It was Mohamed Said Farsi, the Mayor and City Planner of Jeddah from 1972-1986, who came up with this idea.

Patung Mata Satu di Arab Saudi.

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He even traveled around the world such as Brussels, Paris, Rome, Cairo, Helsinki, Madrid, and Jakarta to find artists who were suitable for building the art gallery.

Of all the artists, Caesar Baldaccini was chosen. One of the most recognizable, Baldaccini created 'The Thumb' from 70 tons of marble, referring to the awe of God's ability to create a unique fingerprint for every human being.

'The Eye' sculpture was made from 1921 to 1998. The material used in making this one-eye statue is bronze. The one-eye statue 'The Eye' has a height of 500 cm or 5 meters.

It can be concluded that the one-eyed statue 'The Eye' in Jeddah is one of the three works of French artist Caesar Baldaccini.

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