YouTube Plans to Remove Stories Feature in June

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VIVA – YouTube plans to remove Stories, a feature for temporary posts, in June. Users will not be able to post Stories starting June 26 and existing posts will expire after seven days.

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Stories feature was first introduced in 2017 under the name Reels and were available to users with more than 10,000 subscribers.
Similar to Instagram, Stories on the video sharing platform disappear after a certain period of time.

Creators can use Stories to post updates or behind-the-scenes content to promote their channel.

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But increasingly, the feature seems unappealing as access is limited. Some creators seem to post Stories regularly but the feature doesn't get much promotion even from YouTube.

In the absence of Stories, YouTube wants creators to post content to other platforms on the platform such as Community Posts and Shorts.

The company recently expanded access to Community Posts, a text-based update feature, and added the ability to make posts expire after a certain period of time.

Creators can also share polls, quizzes, images, and videos as Community Posts, which appear in a tab on the channel.

YouTube has also been working to channel the popularity of short-form videos into its TikTok competitor, Shorts, and trying to convince traditional long-form video creators to start creating shorter content.

In February, YouTube began sharing ad revenue from Shorts videos with creators under its updated monetization plan.

While many platforms have adopted the story format first popularized by Snapchat, YouTube is not the first to discontinue its version. Fleets, a similar feature on Twitter has also disappeared within a year.

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