Saudi Arabia Astronaut Shares Breathtaking View of Mecca from Space

Pemandangan Kabah dari Luar Angkasa
Pemandangan Kabah dari Luar Angkasa
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VIVA - Mecca is one of the cities that is sanctified because there is a Kaaba which is the Qibla of worship for Muslims in the world. Photos of Mecca from space were also captured by an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sultan Al Neyadi.

The UAE astronaut shared beautiful and breathtaking footage of the cities of Makkah, Kakbah and Medina as seen from the International Space Station (ISS).

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Astronot UEA Sultan Al Neyadi.

Astronot UEA Sultan Al Neyadi.

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The video shows Mecca and Medina completely lit up, and stunning images of the Grand Mosque.

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Al Neyadi pans the camera over Medina and says, “This is Madinah, the city to which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) immigrated with his beloved people.”

Then he moves the camera to show Jeddah. “This is the city of Jeddah, often referred to as the Bride of the Red Sea,” Al Neyadi said through his Twitter account.

Then move the camera to show Mecca and says, “The holy city of Mecca, where the message of Islam was rooted with the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.”

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Al Neyadi then points to the light from the Grand Mosque in the city centre, which can be seen shining brightly in the video, even from space.

He was zooming in and out of footage of the western part of Saudi Arabia at night. The first clip shows Medina, then switches to Jeddah before showing Mecca, with the Kaaba shining brightest from space.

The UAE astronaut arrives at the station hovering on an orbital path 408 km above the Earth's surface on March 3, 2023.

"Taking pictures from space is one of my favorite activities," Al-Neyadi said while sharing a stunning image of last month's sandstorm.

The photo he uploaded shows the beauty of the Holy City of Mecca at large. The most interesting is the part of the Grand Mosque that looks sparkling white in the center.

In a book entitled Magnet Umroh written by Mind Muhammad, when Neil Armstrong traveled into space for the first time and photographed the earth from above.

He said, the planet earth gave rise to a ray of radiation. After further research related to the appearance of the radiation rays, it turned out that the radiation came from the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia or more precisely at the Kaaba.

In addition, the radiation rays also have no end or infinity. Some Muslim researchers believe that the radiation rays generated by the Kaaba have characteristics and connect the Kaaba on earth and also those in the afterlife.

Then the location of the Muslim Qibla building located in the city of Mecca is also the center of the earth when viewed from space. 

Rarely people know that Kaaba has the most stable gravity. The high level of gravity has its own benefits for the place. In addition, the high gravity that gathers in that place can also make people who are around it healthier.

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