President Jokowi Officially Announces New Logo for IKN Nusantara

Presiden RI, Joko Widodo meluncurkan logo baru IKN
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VIVA – The Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Tuesday announced the new logo for the new capital Nusantara City (IKN Nusantara) which was selected from the five designs proposed earlier and voted for by the public. 

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"The selected logo will be one with the "tree of life" theme designed by Aulia Akbar," the President stated while announcing the winning design. 

As information, the logo consists of five roots at its base that represent the national ideology of Pancasila, seven roots rising upward representing Indonesia's major islands, and 17 rays representing Indonesian Independence Day, which falls on August 17. 

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President Joko Widodo hoped that the new logo would inspire the new capital to create a new place of living for its inhabitants and become the symbol of life for the Indonesian people in the future. 

Presiden Jokowi luncurkan logo IKN

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He also stated that the new logo also has a fitting philosophy and vision of the new capital's development. 

"To nurture pride with the nation's personality as a huge country, a huge and plural nation, and to awaken public awareness to preserve the nature, environment, and its ecosystems," President Joko Widodo said. 

The President affirmed that the selected logo also signifies collective efforts to contribute to advancing Nusantara city’s development, whose completion is expected next year.

Earlier, the head of the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) Bambang Susantono explained that more than 500 graphic designers handed in their submissions for the Nusantara city logo competition.

Curators from the Indonesian Association of Graphic Designers (ADGI) then selected the top 10 designs and invited designers for an interview before selecting the final 5 designs that were submitted to the President for open voting. 

The voting took place from April 4 to May 20, 2023, and 500,260 residents participated in it, he noted.

"The winning logo received 133,069 votes, equal to 26.6 percent," Susantono said.

As the winner, Aulia Akbar, one of the founders of Bandung-based branding consultant POT Branding House, received a prize of IDR 185 million (US$12.3 thousand).

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