Hajj Official Prepares Translators and Museum for Pilgrims

Ilustrasi ibadah haji.
Ilustrasi ibadah haji.
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VIVA – The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance conducted the first follow-up meeting to ensure the completion and readiness of works and projects for Hajj after the Covid-19 pandemic claimed to end. 

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Those people who attended the meeting discussed the needs of the Ministry's facilities in the holy sites, the most prominent implemented projects, and the work of maintenance and operation companies. 

Awareness and guidance programs provided o the pilgrims during the Hajj season were also discussed, including the duties of preachers and translators, and the ministry's preparations to implement the Guests of God Service Program for Hajj Pilgrims. 

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"With the return of pilgrims in full capacity after the pandemic, the committee was briefed on the work of all other committees working during Hajj for this season," Suleiman Al-Khamis, a member and representative of the ministry stated as reported from Arab News.

Ilustrasi Jemaah Haji

Ilustrasi Jemaah Haji

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Ahmad Sindi, chairman of the board of directors of the Non-Arab African Pilgrims Company, made an on-site field tour to inspect preparations for the company’s service centers.

Sindi was briefed on the programs and services that will be provided during this year’s Hajj season. The tour included the opening of Service Center 14, which contains a mini-museum about Hajj and the services offered to pilgrims.

It highlights images of efforts made by the government to ensure the comfort of pilgrims, old transport systems used in the past during the Hajj journey, service facilities, and the rapid development witnessed by the Kingdom.

The museum also displays documents on the history of Tawafa, the sacred feelings between the past and the present, and a collection of books and scientific encyclopedias.

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