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VIVA – Window film is one of the important roles for car components, PT V-KOOL Indo Lestari exclusive distributor of V-KOOL which is the best and special window film brand from the United States (US) always sell the best product for window film.

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V-KOOL is able to make window film that even though it looks clear or bright (less intensity), but the heat rejection is better than the dark window film.

This is a special feature and no window film dares to campaign their clear window film like V-KOOL's clear type window film, which has the best heat rejection.

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"Many people assume that the darker the density of a window film, the cooler it is in the cabin because the rejection of heat and ultraviolet rays is greater. But if the window film that looks clear (the level of density is minimal) but the heat and ultra violet ray rejection is better than the more concentrated version, that's special," said Vice President Director of PT V-KOOL Indo Lestari, Linda Widjaja in her official statement on Wednesday.


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In the line of V-KOOL products marketed in Indonesia, the variant for this clear is quite complete.

Even for the V-KOOL Ultimate Solitaire and Diamond Series types are the highest type of V-KOOL, with high technology multi-layer sputtered metal reinforced with gold which is very good at reflecting heat.

Although it looks very bright from the cabin, it looks dark from the outside and can increase cabin privacy. This then becomes a special advantage of window film whose prestige has never dropped from the highest level of window film in Indonesia.

Even some accessories workshops and window film installation places also recognize that V-KOOL window film products have the best heat and ultraviolet ray rejection features.

In the automotive industry, this window film is actually recommendation for premium vehicles and becomes the default window film (OEM) for their customers.

So when buying those premium cars, they are already protected with the best window film according to their target market. 

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