The Reason Why Lionel Messi Prefer Inter Miami as His New Team

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VIVA – Lionel Messi on Thursday officially announces that he moves to Inter Miami. It becomes the answer about rumors of Messi's new team after leaving Paris Saint Germain (PSG).

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Previously, Messi was linked with Barcelona and moved to Saudi Arabia.

Barcelona wants to repatriate Messi this summer. The Blaugrana has even invited to meet with the agent who is also Messi's father, Jorge.

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However, there was no positive developments even though Jorge had said his son wanted to return to Camp Nou.

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"I made the decision that I would go to Miami. I haven't finished it 100 percent. I missed a few things, but we decided to keep going," Messi said, in his interview with Mundo Deportivo.

So, what caused Messi to choose Inter Miami as his new club. In fact, he was offered an exorbitant salary by Al Hilal.

Messi is more tempted by Miami's tropical climate. Although the pay there will not be as high as what Saudi Arabia offers.

In addition, Lionel Messi also wants to experience the lifestyle in Miami. The cooperation agreement that will be established with two giant companies, Apple and Adidas if he moves to Major League Soccer (MLS) also lured him.

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