Humans Have Been Using Sex Toys for at Least 28,000 Years

Alat bantu seks berusia 28.000 tahun.
Alat bantu seks berusia 28.000 tahun.
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VIVA – Handy sex toys or called Dildo turns ut have been used for at least 28,000 years. This was conveyed by archaeologists from the University of Tubingen, Germany, who pieced together some fragments of ancient stone artifacts they found in a cave. 

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As it turns out, they found an ancient sex aid (Phallus) often referred to as the 28,000-year-old Hohle Fels. Hohle Fels is known as the world's oldest sex aid used in the ice age. The sex aid is 20 cm long and 3 cm wide.

Not only as a sex aid, archaeology also found evidence of this phallus having been used during the Paleolithic era to sharpen or sharpen stones. This has been known thanks to the marks found on the surface of the tool.

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One of the team of archaeologists, Nicholas Conard said the find was "extremely rare".

By looking at the remains of artifacts found in the same place, these sex aids were likely made by prehistoric modern humans such as Homo sapiens.

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As more information, in the Middle East, historical reports reference Egyptians and the Greek using unripe bananas, or camel dung coated in resin as sexual aids. But the aids were used much earlier, as far back as 500BC, when phalluses were carved out of stone, leather or wood. Some were even made from tar.

In ancient Greece, in particular, reports claim traders in the city of Miletus made and sold objects called ‘olisbos’, intended to help wives achieve sexual penetration while their husbands were away.

The aids were also used in Renaissance Italy, and were typically made of leather and used with olive oil for lubrication. High class members of society would even display their sex toys, often made from silver, gold and ivory.

However, they were said to be painful to use and their popularity waned. The first dildos did not arrive in the United Kingdom until the 1500s.

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