4 Common Causes Why Smartphone Wireless Charging in Car Doesn't Work

VIVA Otomotif: Wireless charger di mobil
VIVA Otomotif: Wireless charger di mobil
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VIVA – Modern cars are equipped with various advanced features that give more convenience. One is a wireless charging, which can be used to recharge the smartphone battery without the need for cables.

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Although its operation is straightforward, the use of a wireless charger in a car requires attention to certain factors to ensure proper functionality. Here are some common causes why the smartphone wireless charging system in cars does not work: 

1. Not Enabled

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Make sure that the wireless charger feature is enabled, either through the instrument panel or by using the small button located near the device.

2. Incompatible Smartphone

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Not all smartphones support wireless charging. The wireless charging system requires a magnetic coil installed inside the smartphone. Ensure that your smartphone has wireless charging capability to utilize this feature.



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3. Interference from Phone Case or Accessories

Thick phone cases or certain accessories like magnetic mounts or metal plates can interfere with wireless charging. These objects can disrupt the magnetic field required for wireless charging, leading to charging problems.

Removing the phone case or any interfering accessories before placing the smartphone on the charging pad may resolve the issue.

4. Excessive Heating on the Smartphone

If the charging process starts but suddenly stops, it could be due to excessive heating on the smartphone.

Wireless charging methods tend to generate heat, and to protect the device, smartphones usually automatically disable charging if the temperature becomes too high.

As information, the materials used for wireless chargers are typically a combination of plastic and rubber. This is to ensure that the smartphone stays in place and doesn't slide off.

Additionally, these materials need to be capable of withstanding temperature changes because wireless charging without cables can generate considerable heat.

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