Informal Workers Receive Social Security Assistance from Radjak Hospital Salemba

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Jakarta, March 23, 2024 – Radjak Hospital Salemba through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, has provided assistance in the form of premium payments for informal workers in Central Jakarta area.

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The Director of Radjak Hospital Group, drg. Abdul Firman M.B.A., said that the program aims to help informal workers who are vulnerable to accidents and other risks in their work.

"We hope that this program can improve the welfare and protect these workers from accidents and death," he said, quoted by VIVA English.

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The program targets 1,000 informal workers, including street vendors, mosque caretakers, parking helper, and garbage collectors. So far, 320 workers have been registered.

The Head of the Salemba BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Branch, Chairul Arianto, explained that the informal workers will receive two types of benefits:

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Work Accident Insurance (JKK): This covers the costs of medical treatment for accidents that occur while working or commuting to and from work.

Death Insurance (JKM): This provides a lump sum payment to the worker's family in the event of death.

The premium for informal workers is set at Rp16,800 per month. However, workers can choose to pay a higher premium if they have a higher income.

The Deputy Head of the Senen Sub-district, Raviandri, expressed his appreciation for the CSR program. He said that this is the first time that informal workers in the Senen Sub-district have received BPJS Ketenagakerjaan assistance.

"We hope that this program can be continued and expanded to help more people," he said.

The CSR program from Radjak Hospital Salemba is a valuable initiative that provides much-needed social security protection to informal workers. It is a model that other companies can follow in order to help improve the lives of these workers.

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