Illegal Foreigners Listed in Voters List

VIVAnews - A number of foreigners living in Jember, East Java, were arrested by immigration officers. They were caught because of violating living permit. The expatriates were also alleged of infringing Elections regulation since their names were listed in final voters list.

Prior to the Elections, Immigration Office of Jember is more intensive in sweeping foreigners. On Tuesday, March 24, immigration officers apprehended a man named Mohamad Tobi, a Bangladeshi, living on Jalan Bungur, Patrang administrative head, Jember.

After being traced, Mohamad Tobi was known as violating living permit for almost six years. He was also suspected of violating Elections regulation.

Despite holding any official document, Tobi was listed on final voters list since the 2004 Elections and recent East Java gubernatorial elections.

He wedded a local woman named Evy Yuanda to ease the administration process. The couple then had a son.

Mohamad Tobi now has to go through an intensive investigation carried out by the immigration officers. He told the officers that he has been voting in three elections, including the gubernatorial elections.

It is believed that hundreds of illegal foreigners are listed in final voters list. In addition to the Bangladeshi, immigration officers also arrested Samuel Patag, a Philippine.

Patag admitted that he has been living in Indonesia for 15 years and participating in the elections several times. Several arrested foreigners would be deported to their origin countries soon.


Coverage: Faisal Baraja | ANTV-Jember
Translated by: Bonardo Maulana Wahono