Four Favorite and Iconic Spots in Gamplong Tourism Village

Desa Wisata Gamplong
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VIVA – Gamplong Village is a tourism village part of Sumberrahayu village, Moyudan District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This tourism village is known for its woven fabric industry. The existence of  Gamplong tourism village existence is more popular when it is used as a shooting location for the film "Bumi Manusia".

After being used as one of the shooting locations for “Bumi Manusia”, this place is increasingly visited by tourists who come from various regions, most of them are curious and want to take pictures with the background of the building that is used as the filming location for the Bumi Manusia film.

Well, here are some favorite and iconic spots in Gamplong Tourism Village, Yogyakarta.

1.The Museum of Bumi Manusia

Museum Bumi Manusia di Desa Wisata Gamplong

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Gamplong Tourism Village also houses a new museum which is the home of Nyai Ontosoroh and Annelies Mallema in the novel Bumi Manusia. The museum is named after the title of the novel, namely the Museum of Bumi Manusia.

Both roles from the film Bumi Manusia live in a house with a unique interior. The museum, which was officially opened in August 2019 by Hanung Bramantyo, holds many memories and is used by fans of Pramudya Ananta Noer's novels to gather.

The thing that tourists need to know when visiting this museum is that there are limited visitors to enter the museum area. To enter this museum is limited to 10 people every 30 minutes.

2. Mini Hollywood Style, Studio Alam Gamplong

Mini Hollywood di Desa Wisata Gamplong

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Studio Alam Gamplong became one of the backdrops for making the film “Sultan Agung” by Hanung Bramantyo. The creation of a mini-style studio to support the creation of a colossal rural atmosphere around the 1600s era.

After the making of the film, the studio was not torn down and given to the local government. Therefore, now the studio is used as a tourist spot.

Iconic buildings in the form of the Mataram Palace, a small village in the style of the Mataram people, ancient Javanese houses with woven bamboo, a Dutch village, and a replica of the Ciliwung River are in this studio.

3. Weaving Craft Center

Pusat kerajinan tenun di Jogja

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Besides being recently famous for its location for shooting several films, Gamplong Tourism Village has long been known for its weaving craft center. Famous as a center for weaving production without machine tools, this village produces original weaving made by human hands.

The weaving industry has existed since the 1950s in Suberrahayu Village. But over time, modifications were made because there was a decline in craftsmen and no successors.

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4. Payaman Cave

Payaman Cave is about 15 minutes from Gamplong Tourism Village. In this cave, tourists can get to know the history of the founding of the cave which is said to be a hiding place for the Majapahit army when they fought with the Demak Kingdom.

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By seeing the inside of Payaman Cave, visitors will enjoy a tense sensation while in the dark.


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