7 Strangest Chocolate Flavors, one is Tomato Sauce Taste

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Ilustrasi coklat.
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VIVA English Site – Chocolate is one of the foods that many people like. Chocolate is believed can heal a broken heart, minimize cramps before menstruation, or just fill boredom.

There are also various types of chocolate such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Having a taste that combines with milk or sugar can make anyone addicted. The taste of the chocolate mixture is even more varied, such as oranges, mint, green tea, nuts, to caramel.

Of the many flavors and mixtures of chocolate, some manufacturers dare to create a chocolate taste that is classified as strange. There's even chocolate with a tomato sauce flavor. Well, here are some of the strangest flavors of Chocolate.

1. Lavender Flower

coklat rasa lavender

coklat rasa lavender

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Lavender is generally used for perfumes or aromatherapy. It turns out that in England, this purple flower is used as a brown variant. Lavender is fragrant and soothing, with a subtle floral touch at the end.

Lavender tends to work best with dark chocolate because the deep cocoa aroma can stop the lavender from getting too strong. The Seed and Bean brand is a manufacturer that creates lavender-flavored chocolate.