Getting to Know Ten Traditional Musical Instruments from Betawi

Gebyar Budaya Betawi 2019
Gebyar Budaya Betawi 2019
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VIVA – Indonesia is known for its extraordinary cultural wealth; one is traditional musical instruments that have been passed down from generation to generation. Traditional musical instruments were made in certain areas, so musical instruments from one region to another must be different.

Just like other regions, the Betawi tribe from Jakarta also has a variety of distinctive traditional musical instruments. The role of Betawi musical instruments deserves to be preserved. Well, here are ten traditional musical instruments from Betawi which are the result of acculturation from various cultures.

1. Gambang



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Gambang is a traditional Betawi musical instrument made of wooden blades that open 18 blades and are shaped like a boat.

The woods commonly used to make Gambang are cinnamon, suangking, and ahlu batu. Each wooden slat can produce a different tone according to its size. Gambang works as an accompanist in the art of Gambang Kromong.

2. Kromong

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