Six Weirdest School Rules from Around the World

Ilustrasi anak sekolah/belajar.
Ilustrasi anak sekolah/belajar.
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VIVA – School days can be the most precious days in life, some people would make school days the most wonderful. Chatting with friends, liking classmates, stressing over exams, eating in the cafeteria, and doing complicated assignments are some of the moments that often occur in school. 

School time is one of the most important periods in life, because in addition to gaining knowledge, school is also a place to socialize besides the home or family environment.

Although sometimes school has rules that are considered annoying such as wearing shoes that must be a certain haircuts and others. In addition to the common rules applied in many schools around the world, there are also the weirdest rules. Here are six of the bizarre school rules in the world, as reported by various sources.

1. Teachers are not Allowed to Use Red Pen

ilustrasi tinta merah/menulis

ilustrasi tinta merah/menulis

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An academy in the Cornwall region of England stated that red ink is synonymous with a negative atmosphere so teachers are prohibited from using it to grade students' papers. They replaced the red color with green ink. To encourage and motivate the kids, teachers write some positive comments on the submitted assignments. 

2. Allowed Noon Naps

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