Draft Law on the Protection of Domestic Workers Will Provide Legal Certainty and Clarity

Ilustrasi/Buruh China
Ilustrasi/Buruh China
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VIVA – The Ministry of Manpower stated that the Draft Law on the Protection of Domestic Workers (RUU PPRT) will provide legal certainty and clarity of duties and responsibilities of workers, employers and labor distributors.

"There needs to be a new law-level regulation so that it can protect workers in the household sector and now it has become a priority in national legislation for 2023," said the Director General of Binwasnaker and K3 of the Ministry of Manpower, Haiyani Rumondang in Jakarta, Monday 30th January 2023.

Her party sees that Law (UU) No.13/2003 concerning Manpower has not been able to protect domestic sector workers, so they then issue Ministerial Regulation No.2/2015. However, this is also considered insufficient.

So far, there has been no protection of the fundamental rights of domestic workers, such as certainty of wages, social protection, protection for security and comfort at work, both in terms of health and safety and protection for the right to leave.

"It is these matters that are encouraged to be included in the draft bill," she said.

That way, domestic workers will get the rights needed to get a decent life. Haiyani also said that the PPRT regulation would provide assurance for service users regarding clear identity information from workers.

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Ilustrasi buruh garmen

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