Anindya Bakrie Plans to Create Motor E After Watching Formula E

Anindya Bakrie Saksikan Gelaran Formula E
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VIVA – President Director of Bakrie & Brothers (BNBR) and President Commissioner of VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas, Anindya Novyan Bakrie said the Formula E 2023 electric car racing event in Jakarta was extraordinary. From Formula E, he claimed to be inspired to create Motor E.

Anindya Bakrie dan Maudy Ayunda Berbagi Tips Hidup Ramah Lingkungan untuk Anak Muda

"We see (Formula E) is an extraordinary example. We discuss global racing events using electricity and many technologies. So, we are also inspired by Formula E, maybe we can create Motor E," Anindya Bakrie stated on Sunday, in Ancol, Jakarta. 

"As we see today is a great example we are discussing a race event, a global race using electricity and a lot of technology behind it. So we are also very inspired by Formula E, maybe we can make Motor E," he added. 

Di Depan Ratusan Generasi Muda, Anindya Bakrie Jelaskan Pentingnya Energi Hijau


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Anindya Bakrie said as one of the companies in Indonesia that do business in the field of electric vehicles, especially in the electric bus segment. He is happy to be able to help Indonesia transform towards a greener future. 

Bakrie & Brothers Resmikan PLTS Atap, Komitmen Genjot Industri Hijau

"Because one of the projects we have is the first in the Southeast Asian net zero industrial areas that we will do in South Sulawesi," he stated. 

In this case, he said his company will process battery materials derived from nickel. Later, the batteries will be exported to Western countries that have giga factories.

"We will process battery materials from nickel and send them to Western countries that have giga factories. Such as the United Kingsom, Spain, France, and also the United States," he added.

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