Jokowi Inaugurated 27 Road Sections in South Sulawesi, Worth Billions

Presiden Jokowi meresmikan 27 ruas jalan di Sulawesi Selatan/Biro Pers Media Istana
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Jakarta – Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated 27 roads included in the Regional Road Presidential Instruction (IJD) in South Sulawesi Province. The inauguration took place in Pangkajene Islands Districts (Pangkep).

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"I officially inaugurated 27 road sections of the Regional Road Presidential Instruction in South Sulawesi Province," the Head of State said in a statement from the Presidential Press Bureau on Thursday.

President Widodo explained that in 2023, the central government had provided a budget of IDR669 billion for South Sulawesi Province to build and repair 201 kilometers of roads in all districts and cities in the province.

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"There were 27 roads included in the road repair project. On this Thursday, all of them have been completed," the President remarked.

He then highlighted that budget allocation for road repair would be increased. He also expressed hope that the construction of road sections would proffer a multitude of benefits to the people of South Sulawesi.

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"We hope that all roads throughout South Sulawesi Province will be smooth and will help to improve inter-regional and inter-provincial connectivity," President Widodo said.

Indriyani, one of the local residents, expressed her gratitude for the construction of this road section. She remarked that the road, which was earlier damaged and caused several fatalities, is now better.

"The road is better now, with no more holes. Previously, the damage was so severe to the point that it could cause accidents with fatalities," she remarked, as quoted from Antara site.

Presiden Jokowi

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Syahrir, another resident, also felt the benefits of the existence of this road. He also expressed his appreciation to President Jokowi's government.

"On behalf of the local residents, I am very grateful for the President's Instruction on the Presidential Road Program. Our people here, especially in Pangkep, are very grateful for the president's program. We really benefited from it," he conveyed. 

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