Jonatan Christie Won BAC 2024 After Defeating Li Shi Feng

Tunggal putra Indonesia Jonatan Christie juara BAC 2024
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China – Indonesian men's singles, Jonatan Christie got victory at the 2024 Badminton Asia Championship (BAC) after defeating host representative Li Shi Feng in straight games, 21-15, 21-16, in the final round in Ningbo, China, on Sunday.

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The first game was tough with both gave each other surprising variations of attacks to gain points. The points of two weren't far apart, especially the start of first game.

Jonatan's attack put him ahead temporarily 15-10, but Li was able to catch up quickly and get four points in a row until he almost caught up 15-14.

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Tunggal putra China, Li Shi Feng

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Jonatan keep build his confident on the court, then he successfully control the game and not letting Li catch up from the score of 14.

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He achieved his first matchpoint with a score of 20-14, and closed the first game with a score of 21-15.

The second game started with a long rally which was finally won by the Indonesian representative. However, Li started to catch up and the score was again tight between the two players.

In the midst of this competition, Li seemed play less patiently and made several mistakes of his own which were beneficial for Jonatan then make the Indonesian representative won the second game interval 11-5.

Meanwhile Jonatan returned to playing tactically but also calmly. Leading 14-7, he still maintains his playing pattern. Even though, Li started to add two points in a row, Jonatan still confident.

Li started to slowly catch up and got four points in a row, putting pressure on Jonatan, who was leading 18-15.

Jonatan achieved the matchpoint in the second game with a score of 20-16 through defense and ball returns which made things difficult for Li.

After that, Jonatan finally won the second game after the opponent's ball was declared out of line with a score of 21-16.

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