7 Mythical Creatures with Their Mystery Things

Ilustrasi putri duyung.
Ilustrasi putri duyung.
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VIVA – Even today, legend of mythical creatures continue to captivate us as stories in books, movies, and on television. That’s why many people like mythical creatures or fantasy fiction.

Not a few know about how they look, how they interact with humans, or another. Therefore, some of these mythical creatures are often used as material for making a film. However, many aspects of the history of these creatures are known.

Here’s mythical creatures have a mystery thing that people don’t know:

1. Mermaid Tears

Ilustrasi putri duyung.

Ilustrasi putri duyung.

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Legend has it that mermaids are considered half woman and fish. Mermaids want extra protection when carrying aquamarine gemstones. It’s said that Aquamarine is made of mermaid tears and will protect sailors during the voyage.

One of the earliest mermaid legends was born in Syria and centers around the fertility goddess, Atargatis. Often depicted in the form of a mermaid, Atargatis is considered by many to be the "real" mermaid. During the Middle Ages, hundreds of reports of mermaid sightings resulted in the existence of mermaids being accepted as fact by many.