All About ASEAN, from the History Formed and Founder

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VIVA – Every August 8 is commemorated as the anniversary of a large organization consisting of Southeast Asian countries called the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN. ASEAN is a special economic and geopolitical organization for countries in the Southeast Asian region.

ASEAN was founded in Bangkok on August 8th, 1967. Its formation was attempted by five countries, namely Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. The signing of the Declaration of Bangkok or the Bangkok Declaration became the basis for the establishment of ASEAN.

Initially, the formation of ASEAN was due to some similarities between the founding countries who wanted to create a peaceful, safe, stable and prosperous Southeast Asia region. This arose as a result of the war situation between the United States and Russia that indirectly brought conflict to the impact of security stability on countries in Southeast Asia.

Then, in the 1960s the Southeast Asian region was also faced with a conflict-prone situation, namely the struggle for ideological influence of the big countries and conflicts between countries in the region.

For example, such as the military conflicts that occurred in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This case can disrupt regional stability and hinder development.

So, because of this, the five founders from each country decided to meet in Bangkok on August 8, 1967 to discuss various problems and solutions to problems that arise in the Southeast Asian region.