Five Countries with the Highest Salary in the World

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VIVA – Having the highest salary is a desire or a dream for people living in a country. The World Bank has listed some of the countries with the highest salary or incomes in the world.

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Usually, the average salary is a measure of total after-tax income divided by the number of employees in company. The average annual salary of a full-time worker is equivalent to that of an employee that obtained by dividing the wage invoice based on the total national account by the average number of workers in the total economy, and multiplied by the ratio of the hours worked by the employee.

However, each country has very different salary rules and salary standards. It also depends on the field of work undertaken. Here are the countries with the highest salary in the world.

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1. Luxembourg

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Luxembourg's economy depends on the bank, steel, and industrial sectors. Luxembourg enjoys the highest each capita domestic product yield in the world. The economy of this country is almost similar to that of Germany and has the highest level of economic prosperity.

The country of Luxembourg has a population of about 632,000 people and is one of the richest countries with the highest paying salaries of around $68,681 or equivalent to Rp1 billion per year.

2. Iceland


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Iceland has a mixed economy with a level of free trade, and this country always gets intervention from the government.

In this country, hydropower is the main source of electricity supply for homes and industries in Iceland. Iceland has a salary of 68,006 dollars or equivalent to one billion each year that is the total salary including bonuses.

In addition, Iceland is the smallest country with a population of about 350,000. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Iceland is the most expensive in the world.

3. Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the freest, most developed, and most highly developed countries in the world, it is per capita income of an individual is 66,567 dollars or equivalent to Rp993 million each year.

The country has extraordinary advantages. So, it can offer high salaries to its people. Switzerland excels in banking, chocolate, electronics, communications, pharmaceuticals, watches, and tourism. In addition, many large companies have their headquarters in the country.

4. The United States

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The United States is one of the countries with the highest population in the world. This country has a salary per capital of 65,836 dollars or equivalent to Rp.982 million each year. This includes banking, professional services, business, manufacturing, and healthcare.

In addition, the average person can work 44 hours each week. Every employee will get a salary per week in a company, regardless of any field such as engineering or teaching.


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The economy in Denmark is a modern mixed economy with a comfortable standard of living. The country also has good services provided by the government and this country is highly dependent on foreign trade.

The minimum salary in Denmark is not set, but still, this country has the highest income in the world at 57,150 dollars, or equivalent to Rp853 million each year. Because of high salaries and good working conditions, this country is also known as the happiest worker.

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