Never Put Your iPhone in Rice If It Gets Wet, Apple Warns

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Jakarta – You must have heard the statement that if your iPhone is wet, then you should put it in rice, right? As it turns out, tech giant Apple says that's not the right action.

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Earlier this year, Apple has released new guidelines on what to do if water gets into an iPhone. Typically, when a phone, or any electronic device, gets wet, one common action is to put it in rice. The theory is that raw grains can absorb moisture.

However, Apple's latest support document prohibits iPhone users from doing that, stating that small rice particles can actually damage the phone if, for example, particles get into the port.

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According to Apple, users should also refrain from trying to dry a moist iPhone by inserting "foreign objects" like cotton or paper towels into the port, or using external heat sources like a hairdryer.

However, the updated guidelines offer some advice on what users can safely do. For instance, if a user plugs the iPhone into a socket equipped with a lightning accessory and the "Liquid Detected" warning appears, immediately unplug the cable from both ends.

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Once the cable is unplugged, gently tap the iPhone against your hand with the port facing the floor to allow excess liquid to come out of the phone.

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After that, store the phone in a dry place with minimal airflow for at least 30 minutes, then try charging it.

If the liquid detection warning appears for the second time, unplug the power cable and let your phone dry completely for up to 24 hours.

After waiting, try charging the phone again. If the phone still doesn't charge, briefly disconnect the cable from the adapter and the adapter from the wall, then reconnect.

And if all else fails, the user may need to take the iPhone to an electronics store or, worst case, consider buying a new phone.

Nevertheless, your wet phone may still have a chance to survive. Drop test videos of the iPhone 6 show that the 2014 version continues to function after being submerged in water. Years later, the iPhone 11 Pro passed similar water resistance tests.

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