List of the Amazing Beaches in Blitar, People Must Visit

Pantai Umbul Waru
Pantai Umbul Waru
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VIVA – Blitar is known as the largest chocolate-producing city in East Java. It turns out, not only that, Blitar has some incredible beach tourism. Starting from the beautiful panorama and the cool air.

So far, most people visit Blitar for a pilgrimage to the tomb of the First President of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno but actually the potential for beach tourism in Blitar is quite amazing.

Here are some recommendations for beaches in Blitar that people must visit.

1. Tambakrejo Beach

Pantai Tambakrejo

Pantai Tambakrejo

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Tambakrejo Beach has beautiful scenery. This beach offers views of the blue seawater. On the way to this beach, visitors will pass through enchanting green hills.

Arriving at Tambakrejo Beach, visitors can explore three main areas, namely the eastern area which has more sand, the middle area which has many breakwaters, and the western area that used as a fishing boat pier.

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