Five Glamping Tourisms in Bogor that Suitable for Staycation

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VIVA – Glamping or Glamorous Camping can be an option for people who want to camp without having to take care of a lot of things. Glamping can be an option to experience a unique and different stay. Bogor presents many places for Glamping.

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Although it is called glamorous camping, the facilities offered are not always similar to star hotels. However, the facilities will make visitors feel comfortable and at home for long.

Bogor not only has a number of interesting glamping spots close to the capital, but also offers stunning natural scenery. Having a cool and refreshing air makes activities in this area perfect for a weekend or staycation.

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1. The Highland Park

The Highland Park

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The Highland Park is located at the foot of Mount Halimun Salak, Bogor Regency. In addition to relieving fatigue from city life, The Highland Park is also very suitable for family gatherings, corporate outings, meetings, or training activities.

This place presents glamping with the concept of combining western and eastern elements. For example, Apache camps, Mongolia Camps, Standard Camp, Superior Camp, Tree House, Barrack Standard, Barrack Superior, and Barrack Apache.

Then, there are also complete facilities such as meeting rooms, ballrooms, outbound, equestrian club, edu-camp, golf, mini-zoo, and waterboom. The rates are quite diverse, according to the selected room type.

Starting from Apache Camp for IDR 1.8 million per night with a maximum of four people. Then Standard Camp Rp2 million for each night a maximum of six people.

Meanwhile for Superior Camp Rp2.25 million per night with a maximum of six people. Next, Deluxe Camp Rp2.5 million for each night with a maximum of four people and Tree House Rp3 million for each night with a maximum of six people. The price includes tax, service and breakfast for two.

2. Forrester Glamping Co

Forrester Glamping Co

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Forrester Glamping Co is located in the Megamendung area, Bogor. The main attraction of Bogor glamping is the pick-up and drop-off facilities with off-road cars, bonfires, and barbecues. Located at the foot of the mountain, visitors can enjoy views of Mount Salak.

Visitors to this place can play in the waterfall which is located not far from the glamping location. Staying here, visitors only need to spend Rp450 thousand per person and Rp350 thousand for children aged up to 12 years. This includes shuttle facilities, complete tents with beds.

Then also equipped with breakfast and dinner, as well as a bonfire and barbecue. Glamping at Forrester Glamping Co remains open every day following health protocols.

3. Leuweung Geledegan Ecolodge

Leuweung Geledegan Ecolodge

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Leuweung Geledegan Ecolodge is located at the foot of Mount Salak, precisely in Tamansari, Bogor Regency, West Java. This can be one of the choices for a suitable Bogor glamping place to spend free time on the weekend.

Various facilities are available in this place such as a swimming pool, restaurant, meeting room, outbound, and a large yard plus children's games

Meanwhile, the price for Executive Lodge rooms is Rp1.2 million per night for two people, Lodge B rooms are Rp1.65 million per night with a maximum of five people, and Lodge C rooms are Rp1.85 million per night with a maximum of six people. Then a buffet breakfast is also available at the restaurant at 6 a.m to 10 a.m.

4. Puncak Langit Glamping

Puncak Langit Glamping

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Puncak Langit Glamping is located in the Puncak Megamendung area, Cisarua, West Java. This place offers a very beautiful natural panorama from a height. There are also Instagramable photo spots, archery, single organ, and rolling goats here. Visitors can also play at Curug Pengantelan not far from the camp site.

At Puncak Langit Glamping Ground, camping is also available with tents and in rooms. For camping with tents, there are complete facilities, such as toilets, prayer rooms, access to electricity, and a public kitchen.

The price of the camping package with consumption is priced at IDR 330,000 per person, including entrance tickets, glamping tents, three meals, one snack, and parking. This rate can be obtained by ordering a minimum of 10 people. There is also a glamping package at a price of Rp250 thousand for two people.

The ticket price includes a tent, three meals plus snacks and parking. Meanwhile, for a glamping package with a capacity of six people, a fee of Rp 600 thousand is charged. There is also a Pine room type with a spacious bathroom for Rp300 thousand and a private bathroom for Rp400 thousand.

5. Wonderful Citamiang

Wonderful Citamiang

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Wonderful Citamiang is in Cisarua, Bogor. The main attraction of Bogor glamping is the zero-kilometer point of the Ciliwung River. In addition to being a glamping option, visitors can also explore the riverbanks and trekking to tea gardens. There are also other facilities such as parking, restaurant, WIFI, garden, and swimming pool.

This place is still new, the management is in the process of building a new room. There are various options for glamping with tents and rooms, such as the Wonderful Camp, Pinus Room, Cendana Room, Damar Room, and Wonderful Room.

While the glamping option is Damar Room Rp.438,000 per two people. Then, Wonderful Pine Rp1.43 million for six people. While the Camp fare is priced at Rp588 thousand for four people. While the Pinus Room costs Rp788 thousand for four people.

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