32 Buddhist Monks Arrived Borobudur After Walk 60-days from Thailand

23 biksu berjalan kaki dari Thailand menuju Candi Borobudur, Magelang
23 biksu berjalan kaki dari Thailand menuju Candi Borobudur, Magelang
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VIVA – As part of the thudong ritual, 32 buddhist monks walk from Thailand on a spiritual journey to Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The ritual is also meant to celebrate the Vesak Day.

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During 60 days of walking and covering 2,600 kilometers from Thailand, these monks felt the heat to the rain. But this did not decrease their enthusiasm to reach Borobudur Temple, one of the largest Buddhist temples which is also their place of worship.

By walking in neat rows, the monks from Thailand walked along the complex to Borobudur Temple. One by one and in neat rows, the monks entered the temple with their footwear removed.

Hundreds of tourists from various regions were very enthusiastic to see the arrival of monks to the world's largest Buddhist temple. The tourists and local people captured the moment by taking photos.

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Bhante Wawan, seorang biksu Indonesia yang melaksanakan Thudong

Bhante Wawan, seorang biksu Indonesia yang melaksanakan Thudong

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Bhante Wawan, Monk Thudong said when they arrived at the end point of the Borobudur Temple trip, they were all feel touched and grateful.

"At the end of the finish they were all sad, not sad crying but sad touched because their wishes were achieved. If we had the funds, we could have left from Thailand by plane, but this is different, especially since we are carrying a mission of interfaith tolerance," he said on Thursday.

He also added: "Thudong monks who departed from Thailand were 40 people, but because they were not strong, there were only 32 monks left."

"Actually there are 40 of us in total, but because some are not enough strength, so there are only 32 people," he explained.

It is known that the Monks performed Puja Bakti, Maskara, Meditation and continued with Pradaksina around the Main Stupa.

According to the plan, the monks will also take part in the Vesak procession on June 4, 2023 at Borobudur Temple.

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