Residents Can Try Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train for Free in August 2023

Kereta cepat Jakarta-Bandung
Kereta cepat Jakarta-Bandung
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VIVA – The Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said the residents can join the free trial of the Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train in August 2023. 

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"This trial only applies to people living around the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train route," Minister Pandjaitan told during the meeting with members of the House of Representatives Budget Committee on Friday. 

"The sound barrier is almost all finished, we will see this fast train later. We will prepare it in August for the surrounding communities who live on the railroad tracks, so later they will take it for free while trying this (fast train)," he added. 

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According to the Minister, the speed that will be reached through fast train on the Jakarta-Bandung trip is 350 kilometers per hour, "With this speed, we will cover Jakarta-Bandung in less than an hour, until Padalarang, and then the feeder will go directly to Bandung,"

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Minister Pandjaitan then mentioned the Light Rail Transit (LRT) which will eventually be connected to the high-speed train. He stated that during the initial operation of the LRT, many people disagreed.

"The LRT is almost entirely domestically made. Indeed, in the beginning, many disagreed, but I reported to the President. It is true that when the President rode it the other day, there was a 30 cm deviation, but we calibrated it, and I believe that now everything is in order," the Minister stated. 

"So, I think I dare to start with the local content earlier. I kindly request the support of all of you," he added.

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