Van Gogh Exhibition Comes to Jakarta, Opens for Public on July 7

Starry Night karya Vincent Van Gogh di Van Gogh Alive Jakarta
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Jakarta – Van Gogh is today one of the most popular of the Post-Impressionist painters. He is now famed for the great vitality of his works which are characterised by expressive and emotive use of brilliant colour and energetic application of impastoed paint.

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Van Gogh's original paintings are difficult to see closely, but now Indonesians can enjoy his works through an exhibition taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

The exhibition, Van Gogh Alive, is organized by Grande Experience at Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta, from July 7 to October 9, 2023.

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Previously. the Van Gogh Alive exhibition has been held in more than 80 cities in various countries, including Singapore and Malaysia. 

As such, it has been enjoyed by more than 8 million visitors worldwide. After a long wait, it is now Indonesia's turn to welcome the exhibition that presents a unique way to explore Van Gogh's works.

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Pameran Van Gogh Alive Jakarta

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More than just an art exhibition, Van Gogh Alive will take visitors to experience the Dutch painter's work to the next level. 

Van Gogh Alive Jakarta offers artworks in various forms of digital projections, both photos and interactive videos, which are exhibited massively on large screens, walls, and even floors. 

The entire exhibition space is decorated with more than 3,000 paintings by Van Gogh, creating an immersive experience, bringing visitors inside the artworks.

For visitors who are unfamiliar with Van Gogh's figure and works, there will be numerous information panels and short stories about the legend, including videos and other interactive elements to provide context and background information on Van Gogh's life and artistic development. 

Visitors will be invited to explore the life of the maestro, from his paintings, his life journey, and even the times when Van Gogh lost his sanity.

As information, the opening was held on Thursday, attended by Angela Tanosudibjo as Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Lin Wei Hsien (Willson) Chairman of Meta Doers Innovation Indonesia, Budihardjo Iduansjah Chairman of the Association of Tenants of Shopping Centers and Modern Stores (Hippindo). 

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