VKTR Ready to Become Pioneer Electric Buses in Indonesia

Serah Terima Bus Listrik VKTR
Serah Terima Bus Listrik VKTR
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VIVA – VKTR Mobility Technology (VKTR) or known as Vektor is preparing to hold an Initial Public Offering (IPPO) soon.

The company, which focuses on developing an electric vehicle ecosystem for the heavy mobility segment, will conduct an initial offering on May 26-31, 2023 before listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

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Thus, VKTR will be the first public company in Indonesia to join the electric vehicle industry starting from the heavy vehicle segment.

As information, VKTR is one of the subsidiaries of Bakrie & Brothers (BNBR) - Bakrie Group flag carrier company.

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VKTR President Commissioner who is also the President Director of BNBR, Anindya Novyan Bakrie emphasized that the business prospects for developing the electric vehicle ecosystem are fairly large.

"This is supported by the massive changes in the global vehicle industry, which is undergoing a transition towards clean and environmentally friendly energy," Anindya Bakrie stated in the official press release, in Jakarta, on Friday.

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Furthermore, Anindya Bakrie also explained that through Presidential Regulation Number 55 of 2019, Indonesia is also committed to accelerating the formation of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (KBLBB) ecosystem for road transportation in Indonesia.

Anindya Bakrie.

Anindya Bakrie.

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  • VIVA/Rizkya Fajarani.

"VKTR will focus on developing the KBLBB business in the commercial vehicle segment, such as buses and trucks. Because based on data, the need for buses in the city of Jakarta alone reaches more than 10,000 units until 2030," Bakrie explained.

He added: "If you calculate the potential throughout Indonesia, then this 10,000-unit figure can be 20 times greater."

Meanwhile, VKTR President Director Gilarsi W Setijono said, to date TransJakarta has operated 52 electric buses with the BYD brand, all of which were obtained from the Company. 

In one year, 30 VKTR buses that have been operating have carried nearly 10 million passengers, driven along 2.8 Million KM, reduced more than 3,100 tons of CO2 emissions, and helped save TransJakarta's operational costs by 85 percent every day.

"Currently, we bring in the K-9 bus-type CBU (completely built-up) directly from the BYD factory in Shenzhen, China. In the next stage, we are starting to pioneer the process of building assembly facilities in Indonesia with local assembly company partners who are experienced in their fields," Setijono informed.

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