List of Aesthetic and Instagram-Worthy Hotels in Bandung

GH Universal Hotel
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VIVA – Bandung has a beauty atmosphere that never fails to make people come back to this flower city. Starting from culinary, nature tourism, and historical tourism to hotels.

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Along with the development of the times, social media is also busy being used by people, especially Instagram. Many people upload their photos in aesthetic and Instagram-Worthy places. Hotels or other inns become one of the locations for someone to take photos.

Bandung has many aesthetic hotels and is very good as a photo background. Not only comfortable, but these hotels in Bandung are also very Instagrammable.

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1. Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast

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  • Twitter @dewisutrisno_
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Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast is one of the best hotels with aesthetic and Instagram-worthy values ??in Bandung. This hotel has an artistic interior design. When entering the inn area, you will find a mix of pastel colors.

This room at Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast has the concept of Dutch, English, and other countries. If you are interested in staying at this hotel, you will be charged around Rp300,000 for one night.

2. Hotel U Janevalla

Hotel U Janevalla

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  • Twitter @WegoID

Hotel U Janevalla in Bandung has a modern industrial design interior. With a unique minimalist touch and looks clean. The location of this hotel is strategic, in the Braga area.

 If you stay at this hotel, you can swim in the outdoor pool, gym, and other activities. For staying here, you will be charged starting from Rp600,000 for one night.

3. Tama Boutique Hotel

Tama Boutique Hotel

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  • Twitter @derutive

Another interesting hotel recommendation in Bandung is Tama Boutique Hotel. This hotel is located on Jl. Dr. Rajiman, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo District. This hotel is perfect for fans of K-Pop culture.

This hotel has an exterior and interior design that carries the Korean concept. The rooms are also designed quite spacious with a traditional South Korean theme.

In this hotel, you can also eat Korean cuisine. In addition, Tama Boutique Hotel facilities are increasingly equipped with strategic locations and affordable rates. If you are interested in staying here, you have to pay for one night of around Rp600,000.

4. Maison Teraskita

Maison Teraskita

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  • Twitter @pusaswi

Maison Teraskita in Bandung is one of the newest and most attractive hotels in Bandung. This building utilizes Grade B cultural heritage which was built in 1917 and has been used as the office of Waskita Karya, (Persero) Tbk.

This hotel has a cross-breeding concept between the luxury of original heritage architecture with contemporary modern touches on the interior. Hotel Maison Teraskita also provides elements of tropical decoration in Indo-European style, so that overall Maison Teraskita Bandung has a unique appearance.

For those of you who want to stay here, you will be charged starting from Rp600,000 for one night.

5. GH Universal Hotel

GH Universal Hotel, Bandung

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  • Courtesy GH Universal Hotel

GH Universal Hotel has a view like overseas. The classic European concept can be seen in the exterior appearance and interior ornaments. Decorations in the form of marble floors and castle-like buildings will evoke the European-style romance of the past.

 The location of this instagrammable hotel is located on Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 376, Ledeng. For hotel costs, you will be charged starting from Rp800,000 for one night.

6. Grafika Cikole

Grafika Cikole

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Grafika Cikole hotel is located in Bandung and is nestled in the jungle of pine trees. This stay experience is a unique combination of the appearance of a wooden house with a beautiful garden in the yard.

Apart from being a place to stay, Graphic Cikole is also a tourist place. Activities in the form of outbound, walking to enjoy the tranquility of the pine forest and feeding the deer. The cost of lodging at this hotel starts from Rp800,000 for one night.

7. House Tour Hotel

The House Tour Hotel Bandung

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This Instagram-worthy hotel is located on Panumbang Street, Neglasari, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung. From the outside, the building does look like a place to stay in general. However, when you enter the hotel, you will feel a thick homey feel. Carrying the concept of color block, this hotel is dominated by wooden furniture and natural colors such as white and orange.

The rooms available at The House Tour Hotel also have different themes. Some of them are themed with constellations, maps, all-pink and black colors, hot air balloons, and others. One-night lodging costs Rp650,000.

8. Stevie G Hotel

Stevie G Hotel Bandung

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Stevie G Hotel is one of the unique hotels in Bandung. For Liverpool football team supporters, this hotel is perfect for them because this hotel has a unique decoration that carries the concept of Liverpool.

This hotel is located on Jl. Sergeant Bajuri No.72, Cihideung, Kec. Parongpong, West Bandung Regency. Stevie G Hotel is named after the captain of the English and Liverpool football clubs, Steven Gerrard. The cost of lodging for one night starts from Rp400,000 only.

9. Kollektiv Hotel

Kollektiv Hotel Bandung

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At Kollektiv Hotel, customers will feel the sensation of sleeping in a container box. With a contemporary concept, visitors can feel comfortable and give an unforgettable impression while staying at this hotel.

A staycation at this hotel is perfect for calming down for a moment from the hectic busyness of work. The cost of lodging is also quite affordable, starting from Rp550,000 for one night. The location of this hotel is on Jalan Prof. Dr.Ir. Sutami no. 61 Bandung, Sukajadi, Bandung, West Java.

10. The Silk At Dago

The Silk At Dago

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  • Twitter @KaniaKismadi

The Silk At Dago is located in the Upper Dago Area. The decor of this hotel is very varied, from murals on the walls to vintage furniture and other unique decorations.

The facilities at this hotel are quite complete, from swimming pools, and restaurants, to instagrammable public spaces. The cost of lodging for one night starts from Rp480,000.

Well, that’s a review of Instagramable hotels in Bandung that you must visit while on vacation. Not only comfortable to rest but also fun for selfies because the place is very aesthetic and Instagram-worthy.

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