List of Proven and Unproven Predictions by Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
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VIVA – The scientist from Germany, Albert Einstein, was famous for his extraordinary intelligence. Although he has passed away, his discoveries are very meaningful to scientists and even society in this century.

Albert Einstein is known to have fallen in love with math and physics since he was young, even when he was 12 years old, he was able to study Euclide's algebra and geometry and managed to prove the truth of Pythagorean theorem.

As quoted from the Earthly Mission website on Monday, December 5, 2022, here are Albert Einstein's predictions that proven and not: 

1. Gravitational Lens

Lensa Gravitasi

Lensa Gravitasi

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A gravitational lens is a collection of matter (such as a group of galaxies) between a distant light source and an observer that can deflect light from the source as it moves toward the observer. 

Unlike optical lenses, gravitational lenses produce maximum deflection of light passing closest to its center and minimum deflection of light moving farthest from its center. As a result, gravitational lenses do not have a single focal point but only focal lines.

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